I only brought a towel and clothes, thinking

I only brought a towel and clothes, thinking

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In the outdoor activities in the morning, on the one hand, prepare toys and towels for young children, care about weak and sickly children, where to take the examination of childcare certificate, on the other hand, actively cooperate with teachers on how to help organize activities for young children;

I only brought a towel and clothes, thinking

1. Before leaving, ask parents to prepare the following materials for their children: a shoulder bag, two sets of clothes, two sets of pajamas, two pairs of sneakers, a pair of slippers, toiletries (toothbrush cups, toothpaste towels), summer homework, pens and notebooks. (bucket, summer camp uniform, shower gel shampoo, clothes rack, our unified distribution)

Family spa Spa gives girls a wonderful night in order to make your face at home as indulgent and fun as possible to ensure that all the supplies you need are within range of weapons. For your face, you need: make-up exfoliating; facial Cleanser; facial exfoliating; facial mask (you can have one or two); facial oil or cream to massage your face and use at the end of your face; towels-preferably moist and warm. (you can do this in the microwave); eye cream (optional); neck warmth-you can keep yourself if you want. This is also optional, but it is very soothing and warming, while you use a mask to relax.

The biggest challenge we encountered during the summer camp was the “contest” with Thai students in terms of living habits. For example, there are bicycles, billiard tables, table tennis tables, volleyball, fitness equipment and other equipment in our campus. Thai students have never played with these things before and like them very much, but they play a little crazy, so that all our things are broken. Or every night there is an hour to use mobile phones, Thai students are not willing to hand in mobile phones, every day our teaching assistants to collect mobile phones is a battle, to try all kinds of ways to fight wits with Thai students. Put in a good word, rob a mobile phone by force, get off the horse and fight a war of time. Take turns in all kinds of ways. Thai girls are also very smart, deliberately take a towel to wrap the phone, said that in order to protect the phone from damage, in fact, the towel only wrapped a bar of soap and a mobile phone case. Finally, he was inadvertently poked and found by Thai boys.

Since this semester, with the joint efforts of the teachers, the children in our class have learned to take care of themselves: for example, to correctly use their own towels and cups, to form the habit of throwing garbage into the trash can, to get along well with children, to say hello to teachers and elders, and so on.

I only brought a towel and clothes, thinking

Combined with these situations, disease control experts suggest that citizens should do a good job of comprehensive personal protection in the process of swimming. First of all, fully equipped, to wear a good swimming cap, waterproof glasses, nose plugs, earplugs. In the process of swimming, do not rub your eyes directly with your hands after entering the water, rinse your eyes and goggles with clean water in time. If you encounter choking water, rinse your mouth with clean water in time. Also put an end to some uncivilized behavior, such as do not shower before entering the pool, do not soak your feet, urinate in the pool, rub bath and so on. After swimming, dry the scale with a soft towel and blow out the nasal secretions. If there is water in the ear, you can use the “same side jump” to drain the water, and then do a few relaxation exercises and body massage to avoid muscle rigidity and fatigue.

Soon after I packed up, I went with them. At that time, I wondered why they packed so slowly and took so many things, while I only brought a towel and clothes, thinking that they were so foreign.

The face scarf is very soft and shameless. The baby is at ease. Adults are at ease. I do not use towels for many years, recently a friend recommended this facial towel is very satisfied, the paper is still quite thick, dry and wet are very good. I have a great sense of skin affinity.

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