trim panel, air guide cover, luggage interior trim, NVH parts, energy absorption block, engine

trim panel, air guide cover, luggage interior trim, NVH parts, energy absorption block, engine

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Since the establishment of the Special Committee of Digital Live, Brand Venture Capital, Finance and Taxation risk Control and Government Policy in 2021, Shenzhen Futian District supply chain Science and Technology Finance Association has been conducting in-depth research and analysis in various dimensions under the general trend of the development of digital economy. I hope that by integrating more resources, understanding market demand and analyzing market trends, we can help our entity enterprises better achieve digital upgrading. Promote the growth of enterprises. During this visit, Mr. Luo Xingqiang, Chairman of Guangzhou Dongrong handbag products Co., Ltd., not only showed you the selection hall, R & D, design and production factory of the enterprise, but also introduced the development process, core competence and cooperative customers of the enterprise, so that you have a deeper understanding of Guangzhou Dongrong and luggage industry.

SAIC insists on using the safest and most environmentally friendly materials and processes at the beginning of every new car design, including the Roewe i6. Take chestnut for example, such as Roewe i6 dashboard PVC coating, central control armrest cover using water-based glue instead of solvent-based glue; instrument panel panel using plastic highlight injection molding instead of bad smell paint and water transfer process; luggage carpet using PP cavity board instead of bad smell, high VOC wood fibreboard; abandoning the harmful waste textile felt material, using suitable skin contact PET sound absorption material, and so on. Due to the application of healthy materials, the organic volatiles of Roewe i6 new cars are far lower than the “National Standard for Evaluation of Air quality in passenger cars”, the content of major hazards ethylbenzene and xylene is less than 4% of the national standard, and the content of formaldehyde is less than the national standard 1can5, and far lower than the competitive products, it is the “cure system” in the sedan chair.

trim panel, air guide cover, luggage interior trim, NVH parts, energy absorption block, engine

Herm 猫 s is the first to preserve value. As a famous brand of luggage, Herm 猫 s is still responsible for preserving value. Of course, Chanel and LV are also relatively valuable. For example, the popular Chanel style cf, which increases by 15% every half a year, has nearly quadrupled in eight years. That is to say, if you buy a cf bag now, according to the current rate of increase, its value can be quadrupled in eight years! Therefore, famous-brand bags in the second-hand market are also very common. although they are second-hand bags, they are still first-line famous-brand bags. Although they are not as valuable as Herm 猫 s, they are now very close to the people in terms of price. therefore, this kind of bags will attract customers who want to buy brand-name bags but do not have enough budget. It is the same reason that more and more people who love bags are more willing to buy second-hand bags. Second-hand bags can not only satisfy the desire to carry famous bags, but also cheaper.

“traveling north and south and trekking across mountains and rivers, Harvard Red Rabbit has become my most reliable partner.” Xiao Yang continued, “in fact, I choose Harvard Red Rabbit for another key reason, space.” The SLR camera with all kinds of lenses is really heavy, and you need a tripod for the night scene. Now, besides these, for example, when I want to shoot some sunrise and sunset, I will bring tent food and wait in the selected seat in advance. ” Indeed, the 2023 Harvard Red Rabbit also has an ultra-long wheelbase of the 2700mm, and the storage space is considerable, while the rear seats can be placed proportionally, increasing the utilization rate of the internal space. In addition, there are 26 storage designs in the instrument panel area, door area, luggage area and so on. All travel equipment can be properly placed.

Manufacturing direction of automotive interior and exterior parts: focus on the development of automotive bumper, front module, skylight system, internal and external rearview mirror assembly, dashboard, center console, battery tray, seat, steering wheel, seat belt, roof interior, door interior panel, column exterior panel and other internal and external decoration products. Tracking and promoting the manufacture of sunshade, air outlet, air duct, instrument panel crossbeam, waterproof film, multi-function sensor cover, threshold trim panel, air guide cover, luggage interior trim, NVH parts, energy absorption block, engine cover heat insulation pad and so on.

trim panel, air guide cover, luggage interior trim, NVH parts, energy absorption block, engine

Yujie A260 adopts car design, equipped with mature automobile chassis system, front and rear drum hydraulic driving braking system. In addition, the interior is friendly and comfortable, concise and easy to operate, reducing driving fatigue, but also getting rid of the sense of embarrassment inside the general car to a certain extent; the buttons on the center console and the steering wheel have good visual effect and perfect function. There is an open storage grid on the dashboard for drivers to use, and luggage placement space is provided for passengers behind the rear seat of the car.

The 2020 Toyota Senaga version, equipped with 6 airbags and anti-lock braking and body stabilization system, provides a stable and comfortable driving experience, leather double electric seats, heated front seats, double skylights, roof luggage rack, electric side doors and electric tail doors, central locker, JBL audio, multi-functional leather steering wheel, automatic air conditioning, dashboard equipped with larger inch TFT color multimedia display, heating drive. Additional features include DVD and reversing images, navigation and xenon headlights, as well as stainless steel chrome trim for details. It is worth mentioning that the rear window uses privacy glass, and the small rear corner window can also be electrically opened for ventilation, which is quite high in science and technology and more humanized.

You know, the new SL has a 2×2 seating layout, the first such layout of the model since the R129 was discontinued in 1989. Mercedes-Benz claims that although it can fit in the back seat, the legroom is very tight-so it thinks this is more extra space to carry luggage. As you would expect from modern Mercedes, there is plenty of digital space inside, including a 12.3-inch digital dashboard integrated into an aviation-themed dashboard layout. The central stack offers a nearly square 11.9-inch touch screen that will be familiar to anyone who has seen the latest S-class interior. The screen can be adjusted to move vertically between 12 and 32 degrees to reduce glare when the soft top of the new SL is lowered.

trim panel, air guide cover, luggage interior trim, NVH parts, energy absorption block, engine

In addition, Guangzhou has also formed a leading national cosmetics market cluster, leather luggage market cluster, jewelry market cluster and so on. For example, there are 35 markets in Sanyuanli business circle, with 12000 business households and more than 1200 leather brands. There are nearly 10 cosmetic markets, which is the largest wholesale cosmetics market cluster in the Asia-Pacific region.

Personalized customized Merino extended leather truffle brown winter set front and rear seat heating front seat hand steering wheel heating 5-zone air conditioning professional driving assistance system off-road parking assistance package aluminum roof luggage rack intelligent induction atmosphere lamp 22-inch 757RF style wheel intelligent touch key keyless access to bright crystal texture interior components comfortable travel system brown high-gloss fine line advanced wood decoration personalized Leather dashboard star roof panoramic skylight luggage storage kit front comfortable seat X intelligent laser headlamp active protection system high light automatic control LED fog lamp AppleCarPlay professional interconnection kit mobile phone wireless charging gesture control system WiFi hot spot.

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