slapped with a dry towel in normal times,

slapped with a dry towel in normal times,

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Sixth, sanitary disinfection work: towel cups for young children are disinfected by care every day, and tableware is disinfected by logistics personnel every day. In addition to the disinfection work, disease prevention and isolation work is also done, such as in the garden head. Teachers such as stomachache, fever and diarrhea will also take them to the health care room for timely treatment, and will call you at the same time. In this semester, many children have a fever and illness, and their resistance has declined, which reminds parents to pay attention to influenza when the seasons change. Please remember to ask for leave for the toddler. Here is praise: Li Yunpeng. Liang Weihao. Hu Xuan. Lian Yue. Wang Xiaotong. Jing Bin and other parents actively called to ask for leave.

Vacuum cleaner in the daily cleaning of cloth sofa, regular vacuum is very important. This can be slapped with a dry towel in normal times, and it would be better to vacuum once a week. It also includes the armrest, backrest and crevice of the sofa. Of course, we can also wipe it with towels. When cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, you must not use a suction brush, so as to prevent the fabric from being fluffy by destroying the thread above the textile, and you need to avoid using high suction to avoid breaking the thread. Two: local scrubbing cloth sofa scrubbed with water, generally only local places get dirty, for relatively small places, you can clean the stains on the sofa by scrubbing with clean water, a simple and convenient method, so as to make the sofa glow again.

Prepare necessities: according to the climate and activity plan of the destination, prepare the necessary items, such as sunscreen, swimsuit, sun hat, beach towel, water sports equipment, etc.

Of course, all these troubles can be solved by installing a Senlat electric towel rack. The Senlat electric towel rack adopts integrated heating technology, and the Zopas electric heating rod imported from Italy is equipped with intelligent chip temperature control heating technology, the constant temperature frame is heated uniformly, and the temperature is heated rapidly in 3-5 minutes, which can be quickly heated to 55 ℃ in 30 minutes, with a rapid and convenient thermal efficiency as high as 97%.

slapped with a dry towel in normal times,

Household products are also one of the most popular products in the stall economy, including towels, paper towels, shampoo, cleaning tools, and so on. When some people visit the night market, they will think that they are running out of things at home. Just buy some.

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